Wednesday Fellowship

Wednesday Fellowship Review

We started our new session on 12th September 2018 and continued fortnightly meetings. The programme included some devotional and charity speakers and some more informal members afternoons.

In October we welcomed our new minister Rev. Naison Hove to our fellowship to share a service of Holy Communion. Before Christmas we were able to support Angel Tree Programme through Prison Fellowship, which enables Christmas gifts to be given to the children of Ford Prison inmates. The new local representative came in May to give an update on the work.

We enjoyed decorating a Christmas Tree and taking part in the festival.

Scarves, hats and blankets made from knitted squares have again been given to Link to Hope to be sent to different parts of Eastern Europe. Thanks to all our knitters; we can always use spare double knitting wool! We were able to support Dame Vera Lynn’s charity of Children With Cerebral Palsy, following a presentation by the charity. From the collection of 5p coins raised during the year a donation was sent to MAF towards their work in South Sudan. We were able to send a donation to Christian Aid as they work to provide better medical facilities for mothers and babies in Sierra Leone.

During the year we had a presentation on scanning (and how to avoid it) by Sussex Police, which was informative and useful.

In June we were transported to China when Alexander Wu told us about the Chinese Cultural Centre in Brighton. Thanks to Chris Azzaro, helping with the projector, we were able to see and hear some of the culture for ourselves.

Looking back over the year we have enjoyed a varied programme. A big thank you to everyone who supports the Fellowship and for their help and encouragement.

Our meetings recommence on September 11th

Visitors and new members are always welcome. We meet on Wednesdays at 2.30pm mostly in the Knight Hall.  There is always a warm welcome.

Wednesday Fellowship Programme
September – December 2019

September 11th            Holy Communion in the church with Rev Naison Hove
September 25th            Rainbow and Auction for Mission
October 9th                  Mr John Carr
October 21st                 Rev. Norman Croft.  Quiz afternoon.
November 6th              Rev Anthony Trevithick
November 20th            Presentation:  Care for Veterans
December 4th              Mrs Lorna Sivyour
December 18th            Christmas Special