Zimbabwe Well Project – Update 2

Zimbabwe Well Project – Rev Naison Hove

My visit to Zimbabwe was both good and challenging concerning the water project. Let me start with the good news. The water from the second well was certified clean and safe for human consumption (RegNo. ZWW202010) This registration is valid for 15 years when it will be due for renewal (with payment of the necessary fee!)

The Challenge

It has now become apparent that there are some significant challenges to be overcome due to a drop in the water table to continued drought. This is the fourth year running without rainfall. This means that the output of the bore hole is significantly reduced. On a sunny day the pump is able to pump between 9 x 20litre or 11×20 litre containers of water which is not enough to supply the needs of the village. At the moment it is only able to supply sufficient water for between 9 and 11 households. And then only when it is sunny! I have consulted the drilling company about the way forward and they have agreed to add an additional 30 metres to the depth of the bore hole, so it will then be 80 metres deep There are 600 households that make up this village and are to benefit from this water project when it’s up and running well. (see quotation marked appendix 1)
The plan for installing an inverter and batteries has been put on hold for the moment until the bore hole has had an additional 30 metres added. The cost for this is currently estimated as £1,760. This money is available if the funds intended for the batteries and the inverter are used. So, I am suggesting this is how the problem is addressed as I have outlined below.

My first proposal is that we use the money that was raised to install the inverter and batteries for re-drilling with the hope that water table will be sufficient to supply water for the whole village. Even with the little water they get when it is sunny the pleasure and joy this has brought to the people is enormous! One woman said ‘ I never knew that I could open the tap and water will run down like a river in this village in my life time. May God bless the generous friends who gave their all, the friends I will never meet in my lifetime in person.‘.

My second proposal is to fund raise for the inverter and batteries that will boost the solar system so pump the water from the well when it is cloudy using the power that has been stored in the batteries. (see quotation marked appendix 2)


As part of the social gospel to the wider world and our world mission we need to continue this mission outreach of helping the chosen village to have clean water. The dream will become a reality if we continue with our fundraising efforts towards the installation of an inverter and batteries to sustain a continuous provision of clean water to the village. We need to continue to pray for this project which has been part of our pastorate’s mission outreach and acknowledge the generous help received from friends in London. I am hoping that the benefits of this project will, once it is up and running, be huge. I am very optimistic a lasting solution will be reached once the re-drilling is complete.

Cyclone Idai affected area of Mutare

During my visit I managed to visit the Eastern Highlands -outside Mutare town which is on the border with Mozambique, and was affected by cyclone Idai. I visited the toilet block and the block of two classrooms which was built with the money from our three churches (St Andrews URC, Emmanuel URC and LUC) in 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately, the week I visited the area, the schools were closed due to COVID-19 and a Civil Service strike.

Last but not least, I would like to offer my appreciation and thankfulness to Worthing Pastorate (St Andrew’s U R C, Emmanuel U R C and L U C) and my friends at Askew Road Church who through your fundraising is enabling my home village to have a supply of fresh water where there was none before.

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