Frequently asked questions.

DSC_2029Things you might like to know about Sunday worship at Littlehampton United Church.

We’re very much aware that visiting any church for the first time can be a pretty daunting experience. Even people who are familiar with Christian worship find it quite hard to walk into a different place on a Sunday so for those who haven’t been in the habit of going to church, just getting through the front door seems like a real endurance test.

But if you do choose to visit on a Sunday morning around half past ten what will you find?

Parking is available in the main town car park adjacent to the church – you have to pay or get a card that gives you two hours free parking from Sainsburys. First of all, at our church, someone will greet you at the door, they will be glad to know if your are a visitor and will help direct you into the church and assist if you have particular needs for seating. Wheelchair users can be easily accommodated.

Who is in charge?

Good question – most of us would answer that God is, but on Sunday mornings the Duty Steward is responsible for making sure that everything is in place for the the service to proceed. The service will be led by either an Ordained Minister or by one of the Local Preachers. Members of the congregation will usually read the bible lessons and will often participate in any drama, meditations or music that might be included in the service.

Does it matter where I sit?

No – you can sit anywhere you like. The church has upholstered chairs, some with arms if you need extra support. There is also soft seating and tables at the rear if you would prefer.

What happens during the Service?

Most Sunday mornings there will be about 40 people present -sometimes more – sometimes less. We are happy for people to exchange greetings and news before the service starts. There will be hymns or songs, prayers, bible readings and a sermon. The content varies according to the particular Sunday and the style of the leader. The service will last about an hour. We usually stand to sing and sit to listen – so it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow. In our church we do not to kneel for prayers. There is usually a collection towards the end of the service to support the work of the church and the two denominations of which we are part. On the third or fourth Sunday in the month it is likely that the service will include the sacrament of Holy Communion. This is a symbolic meal of bread and wine shared towards the end of the service. You’re welcome to share in that, whoever you are and wherever you come from. Details of the particular services are available on this website.

Other facilities?

There is a handy  toilet in the lobby at the rear of the church. There is a public address system with a loop for those whose hearing in impaired. In addition we use a projector and screen to enhance to content of the service. Large print hymnbooks are available.

Are children welcome?

Children are more than welcome. At present there are no separate activities for children but there are areas within the church where children can amuse themselves during the boring parts!!  The Stewards will also be able to direct you to the baby changing facilities and provide help with anything else that might be necessary.

What happens after the service?

Tea and coffee are served in the Coffee Lounge at the end of the service. We hope you’ll, stay. We want visitors to feel welcome but not overwhelmed!

The Church is available for Weddings and Baptisms and Funerals. Baptisms are usually held during the Sunday morning services.