A collection of Lent resources

Lent is fast approaching. Ash Wednesday is 16th February, after which we head towards Easter on 4th April.

In this season, Christians remind themselves of Christ’s
journey through the wilderness. It’s often used as a period to grow our personal
discipleship through self-discipline: giving something up, be it chocolate,
binge-watching TV, or something else entirely, is all about travelling to that
wilderness alongside Christ to clear the clutter and open our eyes to renewal.

It can also be a time of focus on social and environmental
renewal: how can we be part of building God’s kingdom through our discipleship?

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite resources for
Lent this year. It’s the perfect time to pick up a 40-day resource to help you
get spiritually ready for Holy Week and Easter. Small group resources,
preaching material, and reflections for individuals can be great tools for
guiding us through the wilderness time.

We’ve particularly focused on climate justice and
environment. Why not have a look through and see if there’s something perfect
here to guide you through Lent?

Living Lent

From 2019-2020, the Joint Public Issues Team ran Living Lent. Living Lent
challenged individuals to sign up to one of six different commitments for
creation. These include giving up single-use plastics, shopping locally, and
reducing electricity consumption by 10%. It invited participants to recognise that
changing our climate is not just an activity, but a lifestyle, by offering
theological reflections and community.

We’re not offering new content for Living Lent this year,
but all of the resources from previous years are still live for you to explore

Living Lent

40 Acts – Stewardship

40 Acts is a community of over 100,000 people around the
world who have decided to do Lent differently. They ask the question, “What if
Lent was about more the just giving things up?”

Over 40 days, there are 40 challenges, which all encourage
you to make a difference to the world and your community. 

Tearfund Devotional

Lent Devotional – Tearfund

We all tell ourselves stories about who we are: as
individuals, as communities and as the church. But there’s a bigger story – one
that changes everything. It’s the story of God, and we’re invited to be a part
of it. Join Tearfund to explore it with their Lent resources. Suitable for daily
reflection for individuals, or you can encourage your small group or family to
get together and look through them together.

40 Acts

Change Begins – All We Can

Change Begins is a daily resource which invites you to be a
part of change that is happening all around the world. It’s for everyone –
families and communities all around the globe, and it can also help your own
personal reflections and journey with God.

You can download a copy of the daily devotional for free,
and it can be used at home, in small groups, or with your whole church. (Spot
JPIT’s contribution!)

All We Can

40 Days with God’s Creatures – SARX

Available via a free app, this guide
offers the chance to reflect theologically and creatively about animals and
animal issues. This interactive, daily guide aims to take users on an
explorative journey, including the use of biblical and theological readings,
art, videos, music, photography and poetry.

40 Days with God’s Creatures

The Poet’s Gospel – CTBI

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland bring you The
Poet’s Gospel, ‘a Lent study for these unorthodox and strange times.’

This resource, suitable for personal reflection or small
group study, takes readers through a verse version of the gospel written by
John Alan Davis. There are sound files, written versions, and notes alongside.

The Poet’s Gospel

Caring for Creation – York Courses

This is a new resource from York Courses for small groups,
and is suitable for online and in-person meetings.

This resource focuses on environment and creation care,
showing groups over six sessions a hope for future which is rooted in faith in
God. The world faces a great threat from climate change. Faith in God should
allow us to see what is actually happening, and what we can do about it.

Caring for Creation

Walking Towards Easter Together – URC

This resource seeks to develop a meaningful sense of
community through reflections, activities, and challenges. There are justice
challenges for each week designed with lockdown in mind, which could make a
positive difference in your neighbourhood.

These resource aim to reduce feelings of isolation in
communities, and offer hope to congregations and individuals during this season
of Lent.

Walking Towards Easter Together

How Does Change Happen?

How Does
Change Happen
? is a new small group resource launched by the Joint Public
Issues Team. If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to make a change, but feel
like you don’t know enough to try, this is the small group resource for you.

Over six sessions, equally effective online and in-person, you’ll
be taken through the how, the when, the where and the what of making change.

How Does Change Happen?

Connect Groups – Sanctuary

Sanctuary have produced a new resource designed to be
flexible, with a mix of prompts, questions and meditations which can be used
individually or in a small group.

The February booklet covers the theme of ‘The Parable of
Social Distancing’, and March covers ‘Man of Sorrows, People of Hope.’ These booklets
have material to help you prepare for Lent and then travel through the season,
culminating in Holy Saturday.

Connect Groups


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