‘A Dog is a Small Shred of God’ a poem by URC poet-minister Lucy Berry

A dog credit lauren kayI have always found problematic the notion that animals do not have souls.

No animal on earth can be as nasty as a nasty human. And yet, if we are to believe it, God made us the caretakers. Odd.


A Dog is a Small Shred of God

A dog is a small shred of God.
And cats and frogs are shreds of God.
And you too, Love, however odd,
are one sharp, shattered, shard of God.
And all of us however odd,
are smallish fragment-bits of God.

I like dogs more,
cats more, frogs more;
it isn’t really very odd
to find them easier to like
than splintered, human bits of God.



Lucy Berry is a poet, a mum, and a minister of the United Reformed Church. Her website is at www.lucyberry.com and she’s available to perform, preach and lead workshops.

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