Church House staff spend fun day out at Kew Gardens

post fun staff day outStaff from the United Reformed Church House, in London, enjoyed a fun day out at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, on Tuesday 31 July.

Internationally famous for its diverse number of flora, fauna, trees and plants, the group had a fun and challenging time running around Kew Gardens as part of a scavenger hunt created by Farrah Folami-Carrer, Repairs and Maintenance Co-ordinator.

Divided into five teams – the Japanese Knotweeds, Venus Flytraps, Lilies of the Valley, Bonsai, and Cherry Blossoms – each group had to: find a rock big enough to stand on, something South African, a bird’s nest, a spiderweb, a plant specimen in a jar, a Madagascan banana, a waterlily, a kangeroo’s paw, and take a photo of all members of a team in front of the Pagoda and outside Kew Palace.

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