Epiphany: encounter Jesus afresh in 2024

In this short video, the Revd Matt Stone, a United Reformed Church (URC) minister and the Chair of the Group for Evangelism and Renewal in the URC (GEAR) reflects on the season where we remember how the wise men travelled to meet the baby Jesus; Epiphany, celebrated on 6 January 2024.

Told to us through the Gospel of Matthew chapter two, Matt highlights three relevant points to help us as we think about our faith and the journey ahead of us in the new year:

  • The commitment and effort the wise men demonstrated in trying to see Jesus and how we must persevere when facing challenges in life and God feels distant.
  • How the Maji were overjoyed when they met Jesus, and the difference between happiness and joy, and where joy comes from.
  • The wise men bowed down and worshipped when they saw Jesus and how that can encourages us to make time at the start of this year to be in Jesus’ presence.

Watch the reflection:



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