General Assembly Day four – Monday 9 July 2018

Alan YatesBusiness session six:

Outgoing moderator’s final Assembly speech offers encouragement
Mr Alan Yates, outgoing Moderator of the United Reformed Church General Assembly, gave an encouraging address on the final day of the denomination’s 2018 Assembly (Monday 9 July). Referring to declining church membership, Mr Yates ended by saying: ‘Being small does not prevent us [the URC] from being successful.’

Received by the Assembly with appreciative applause, Mr Yates’ speech offered reflections on his call, reflection on his fear and concerns for the URC, and enthusiastic praise for local churches. Mr Yates recognised the contribution of the URC’s ‘fantastic’ large churches but particularly championed smaller churches that make good use of limited resources, and often working creatively and collaboratively. He said: ‘Across our three nations … I have been impressed and encouraged by the way the URC is demonstrating the love of God.’

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