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Meet Your MP – Adventures in Asking and Action (Day 2)

Posted: 16 Jul 2019 12:30 AM PDT

“Our MP helped increase the places offered to Syrian refugees.”

This week we are celebrating some of the stories of congregations from our churches who have taken up the challenge to meet their local MP. Each congregation was able to demonstrate their concerns for the local area, express their hopes and dreams, and invite partnership and dialogue which would allow peace and justice to flourish – but the ways they went about it were as varied and creative as the communities they represent. Find out more about ‘Meet Your MP’

Evesham Methodist Church meets Nigel Huddleston MP

Revd David Haslam told us about an event held in December 2018 about Brexit. Other churches were invited and about 20 people attended. Nigel Huddleston spoke in favour of the Prime Minister’s deal, then took comments and questions. The golden rules for the meeting were to show respect, to listen and to refrain from interrupting others, which everyone observed. Nigel had originally offered an hour of his time but stayed for a further half hour to engage with the audience.

Nigel Huddleston MP
Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (]

Nigel then accepted an invitation to the Evesham Welcomes Refugees group, which usually meets at the church, to hear their concerns that the county should be accepting more refugees. He put the Government’s case, listened to views expressed and promised to raise the issue with council leaders, which he did. David is sure that this intervention was one factor in increasing the places offered under the Syrian scheme by the county council. He is passionate to continue to talk to MPs, however, as their district council still has no families under this scheme.

Meet Your MP tips:

  • A Friday or Saturday is a good day to hold an event, when MPs are more likely to be free
  • Facilitators should make sure to brief themselves first, as the MP will have done, to avoid looking foolish!

More ‘Meet Your MP’ stories tomorrow…

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