Prayers for COP28

Creator God, as COP28 takes place in Dubai, we turn our focus to the environment and to those attending the global climate summit.

We give thanks for the Faith Pavilion at COP28. Unifying God, we give thanks for this significant inter-faith space facilitating dialogue across differences, and bringing faith and spirituality to a central space at COP28.

We give thanks for the thriving of some species in difficult circumstances. We celebrate the puffins on Lundy Island, the blue whales in the Indian Ocean, and the flourishing of Redonda Island in the Caribbean. Colourful God, we delight in your creation.

God our comfort, we pray for those experiencing climate anxiety, particularly common in younger people. We pray that decisions made at COP28 will ease this anxiety, and encourage stronger action towards climate goals set.

We pray for the people in western Gujarat state in India, experiencing extreme weather in hailstorms, heavy rain and lightning. In a year of such extreme weather due to climate change, we pray that this will be acted on at COP28.

We pray for progress in phasing out the use of fossil fuels. Renewing God, we pray that decision makers and leaders truly put the planet over profits and move away from purging the Earth. May we see this commitment reflected at COP28.

We pray for species particularly at risk of extinction, struggling to adapt to increasingly warm temperatures. God of all life, we pray that decisions made at COP28 will protect the lives of animals and plants, those which cannot be represented or heard in discussions.

We pray for those from places contributing the least to the climate crisis, but affected the most by it. God of justice, we pray that that COP28 will deliver Loss and Damage financing, and that the voices of the marginalised are truly heard and respected at COP28 and beyond.

We pray for the representatives attending COP28. Creator God, we pray for real, positive progress to reduce the climate crisis, and for the voices of indigenous people, young people and those from places worst affected to be truly listened to.

God of hope, God of love, God of justice, may your will be done.


Please feel able to use these prayers in services, groups, or for personal prayer.


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