Reform magazine: April edition

Last Updated on 20 March 2023 by Ann-Marie Nye

On the 30th anniversary of the murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence, the April edition of Reform asks what has changed in society and Church since then.

There’s still a long way to go, all our contributors agree. “It’s not a sprint but a gruelling marathon”, says one.

Also in Reform, out on 27 March, three major British institutions come under scrutiny.

Former editor of The Tablet Catherine Pepinster discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the monarchy as we approach the coronation of King Charles III.

In ‘A Good Question’, two Lords and two commoners ask whether parliament’s second chamber is an undemocratic anachronism or a valuable source of expert scrutiny.

And regular columnist Paul Kerensa discovers the truth behind the BBC’s first broadcast drama. Has it been forgotten, he asks, because it was by a woman?

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