3Generate sleeping bags delivered to Calais

13 December 2018

Sleeping bags donated at the Methodist youth event 3Generate have been delivered to Calais, where they will provide essential bedding for refugees.

The seventy sleeping bags were delivered to the charity Care4Calais by Nigel Pimlott, Regional Learning and Development Officer for East Central District. The sleeping bags had been donated by adults at 3Generate, the annual Methodist young people’s event, held  last month in Southport.

This was Nigel’s fourth trip to Calais, where he volunteers with Care4Calais who distribute donations to refugees.

Nigel commented: “From a personal point of view, I thought it was fantastic that we could help in this way. Even though I have spent time with the refugees and talked with many of them, I can’t begin to imagine what it is really like to be a refugee in a foreign country. What I do know is that if I was homeless, cold, hungry, tired and extremely vulnerable, I would want someone to help keep me warm, feed me and be compassionate towards me. That’s what 3Generate have helped Care4Calais to do.

“They have nowhere to live, no protection from the elements, live in constant fear and they have little hope of tomorrow being any different from today. Even with my lovely warm 3Generate hoodie, a hat and a coat on, it was still terribly cold.”

Ash Phillips, Care4Calais Operations Manager, said: “We are immensely grateful to all at 3Generate for their kindness and support. We will ensure the sleeping bags are given to the refugees who urgently need them. Thank you”.

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