Faith leaders letter on the Nationality & Borders Bill – Amplify your impact!

Can you help us amplify the impact of our letter in a few simple actions? 1000+ faith leaders have written to the Prime Minister calling on him to urgently make changes to the Nationality & Borders Bill. We want to make sure the impact of this call to action is felt far and wide, to say loud and clear that we support refugees and asylum seekers.

Click here to read the letter

Take our simple actions to help increase the impact of the joint letter.

Tweet @BorisJohnson

If you signed the letter, tweet @BorisJohnson to tell him why you signed the letter. If not, tell him why you think he should listen to faith leaders’ call to action. Use #FaithsSpeakOut and #TogetherWithRefugees to link your message in with others who are also showing their support!

Click here to download some social media graphics to use show your support.

Double your impact! Send a letter to the editor.

If you signed the faiths leaders letter to the Prime Minister calling for changes to the Nationality and Borders Bill, double your impact by sending a ‘letter to the editor’ at your local paper.

After the letter has been launched on Monday 28th February, send a letter to your local paper sharing why you signed the letter. This is a key action to amplify the concerns of your community about the bill, and call more people to take action.

It’s always better to write your own letter rather than use a template. Check out our top tips below to craft yours.

Top tips

Keep it short – 300 words maximum is a good target to work towards.
Make your main point in the first sentence – it means you can focus on what you have to say.
Keep it relevant to your local area – demonstrate how this national issue connects to your local community.
Include your name and contact details – you can request that these aren’t shared if you prefer.

You might want to include:

  • A reference to the letter (e.g. ‘The recent letter sent to the Prime Minister on 28th February was signed by over 1000 faith leaders, raising concerns about the Nationality & Borders Bill’)
  • Why you signed the letter. If you have offered support to asylum seekers or refugees, or if you’ve had experience in offering sanctuary in your community, this is especially powerful to add.
  • The significance of over 1000 faith leaders speaking up on this issue. We represent communities across the length and breadth of the UK, showing support for a more welcoming society towards asylum seekers and refugees.
  • The requests made of the Prime Minister in the letterto end to the proposal to punish refugees who had no choice but to risk a dangerous journey to reach safety and loved ones here in the UK, and to open new safe and accessible routes for people to claim asylum.
  • A request of the reader – end by inviting the reader to write to their MP to oppose the bill, hopefully beginning a ripple effect of change!

Where shall I send my letter? You will usually send your letter to the editor of your local paper. You’ll be able to find the address on their website.

You can also download a template local press release that you could use to send to local press here. 

Even better – make sure your MP knows what you think.

Your MP is elected to represent the community, so it’s important they know what the local community think! Either let them know that you’ve signed the letter or tell them why you think it’s important that they listen to faith leaders in your community. Ask them to support amendments to the bill when it returns to the House of Commons.

Click here to use our template letter

It’s always more powerful if you personalise your letter. Make sure your MP knows why this is important to you and the community you lead. Share a local story if you can, and even invite them to visit a project if you run one.

You can find the details of your MP here.


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