Help reflect URC’s diversity through photos

Last Updated on 22 July 2022 by Catherine Kelliher

The United Reformed Church (URC) is proud to be a diverse denomination that rejoices in all ethnicities and cultures, challenges all forms of marginalisation and promotes God’s justice for all.

We celebrate our rich, cultural diversity along with treasured differences in gender identities, abilities, ages and talents, and the way we represent the URC is critical.

For anyone in the URC planning, producing or delivering a presentation, press release or any type of communication, this representation should be intentionally reflected and clearly.

We need your help in doing so.

A review of our photo resources shows a lack of our multi-culturalism and diversity in the images we invite people to use when sharing news about the URC.

Could you help us fill that gap by sending us images from the life and work of your church, or URC-related group?

Remembering to ask permission of those in the photos, please send images to

Our leaflet, which has been produced to encourage all to reflect the diversity of the church, Portraying Diversity, is available from our website.


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