Introducing Lucy

I’m Lucy, and I’m really excited to have just started work as JPIT’s new full-time intern.

Having spent the last three years fossilising among medieval manuscripts and piles of books while studying for an undergraduate degree in English at the University of Cambridge, I’ve landed in this new and exciting adventure working and living in the Big City, navigating the Tube network and balking at the price of a pint.

With every day that passes, ignoring issues such as the
climate crisis and the plight of asylum seekers becomes an increasingly
impossible act. Ignoring them is damaging to the society in which we live – not
just in the future but right here and now. This is something which is
especially obvious as Covid-19 continues to highlight pre-existing inequalities
in our society.  I believe that the Church
can and must bring a distinctive, Christ-like voice to the face of modern
politics. Churches at both a grassroots and an institutional level can be
powerful forces for positive change in society, striving towards bringing
heaven’s kingdom to earth.

I grew up in a lively, friendly Baptist church in the
midlands. As I have grown in faith throughout my school and university years,
I’ve become increasingly convinced that faith should manifest as a genuine and
powerful desire to seek after social justice, creating a society which is more
Christ-like in its leanings. To me, Christianity has always spoken most
strongly when it does so with an eye for justice, peace, and hope.

A particular passion of mine is for peace work, especially
campaigning for nuclear disarmament. I was very involved with this area at
university, and I hope to bring this to my work at JPIT this year. Getting
engaged with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at university was a turning
point for me as a Christian. Creating a world free from the horror of war and
the fear of nuclear annihilation came from a desire to actively pursue a model
of Christ-like peace-making in a really practical, involved way.

Though peace-making is a long-standing interest of mine, I’m
also looking forward to widening my brief and getting stuck in with other
strands of JPIT’s six hopes. As I write this, Extinction Rebellion have set up
camp all across the country to demand climate justice. This is no longer an
issue which society can ignore, and I’m hoping to get involved with some
environmental work this year, helping to ensure the safeguarding of God’s

When I’m not working, I like reading medieval literature,
writing shoddy poetry, and baking – as a vegan coeliac, this last hobby can
present some challenges…!

It’s a strange time to be starting new work, and although a
Zoom ‘graduation ceremony’ has begun to prepare me for the weirdness of
conducting life over the internet, I’d appreciate prayers for a smooth
induction into the team. 



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