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A New Chapter – Introducing Bethan

Posted: 28 Sep 2018 03:54 AM PDT

The new JPIT/House of Lords Intern for 2018/2019 introduces herself: 

I am utterly delighted to have started my time with the Joint Pubic Issues Team as the JPIT/House of Lords Parliamentary intern for the next year.

I am a recent graduate from the University of York where I studied Politics. As such, the opportunity to work in a place like JPIT, where my fascination with policy and my faith can grow together is a dream come true. The pragmatic nature of the work I will be doing in JPIT and the House of Lords is a side of politics I have been unable to properly understand through only academic study. Consequently, I am very much looking forward to exploring this practical side of politics in my work.

In my time at University I had the pleasure of working with a refugee organisation where I co-ran a weekly Women’s Club for female asylum seekers and refugees. Working with these incredible women was a true honour, and cemented in me a passion for working with vulnerable and marginalised people. It is my hope that I can use this experience in guiding my work on Human Trafficking, Immigration and the issue of the Hostile Environment. I truly feel that my passion for social justice is something laid on my heart by God, and the chance to live out this calling is unbelievably exciting for me. I cannot wait to explore all the things that God will reveal to me over the next year, and to honour him in this amazing opportunity he has given me. 

The new experience of working in London adds an additional level of excitement. Despite the fact that I have visited the city many times, its scale never ceases to astound me. The contrast between London and the tiny village where I spent my childhood could not be greater! Additionally, the opportunity this internship gives in combining faith and work is also something entirely new to me. I am certain that the full extent of its effect on both my faith and work will reveal itself over the coming year. It will undoubtedly be both a challenge and a joy to demonstrate my faith through my work and to those around me, but one I am very much looking forward to exploring.

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