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Introducing Will

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 08:37 AM PDT

The new JPIT/House of Commons intern introduces himself:

Raised in a Christian home, I was blessed to learn from an early age that what matters most is not personal success or material wealth, but how you treat others. Jesus came to offer us a relationship with the living God, based on his love for every single person. My passion for politics is rooted in my passion for people, and a desire to see everyone fulfil their God-given potential.

I went off to study Politics at university, assuming that the experience would reaffirm what I already knew and believed. I got stuck into books about theory and wrote about current affairs for my student newspaper. But as I did so, I underestimated the forces that were driving people towards populist movements on the left and right. I had assumed that the political system essentially worked, because on the whole it worked for me. Understanding the extent to which so many people have been left behind has forced me to think more deeply about how we can spread opportunity in a meaningful way.

Living in London this past year has made it impossible to ignore the huge disparities in wealth and power all around us. I’ve been involved through my church with homelessness projects, including a drop-in day centre and a night shelter during the winter. Having seen the challenges people face in getting their lives back on track, I’m looking forward to exploring practical solutions by working on issues around housing.

I’m so excited to partner with other Christians at JPIT as we put our faith into action. As Christians, I believe our highest calling is to serve one another in love. Just as Jesus met the needs of all those he encountered – feeding the hungry, seeking the lost, including the excluded – we must do likewise. I am eager to explore further what that looks like in practice.

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