JPIT launches new campaign to help end forced labour

resized image Promo 88On the United Nation’s World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, marked on 30 July, the Joint Public Issues Team launches a new campaign to shine a light on forced labour in the textile industry in Xinjiang province, China.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, around 80 brands are “potentially directly or indirectly benefiting” from the forced labour of Uyghur muslins in Xinjiang. This includes Adidas, Nike and Gap.

JPIT says: “In the Xinjiang province of China, thousands of Uyghur Muslims are working as forced labourers in the production of textile garments. Sadly, many of our own high street brands are complicit in this. The Uyghurs need your help!”

Using its template, JPIT is encouraging members of the URC to write to one or two fashion brands they frequently shop at to ask them to be more transparent with their supply chain and ensure that they are not using forced labour anywhere in their supply. 

The campaign comes after the United Reformed Church agreed to take steps towards developing policy and guidance to help tackle modern-day slavery at its General Assembly, held between July 9-12.

For information about the campaign, and to see how you can stand against forced labour, click here.

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