Lundie Memorial Award Winners: July and August 2023

An active member of a Mersey church and a young West Midlands Pilots member have both gained a Lundie Memorial Award.

Abby Mayers, aged 19, who attends Malpas Community Church in Cheshire, is July’s winner and Sebastian Little, aged 10, who attends Brockworth Free URC in Gloucester, is August’s.

Marie Lumb, Church Secretary, nominated Abby and described her as ‘an active member who is involved in all decision-making and works hard to make the church a welcoming place for all.”

Abby also volunteers at the church-run playgroup, Buzz About, and its rhyme time, Bumble Beats, two mornings a week. This experience cemented her plans to train as a teacher at university.

In her spare time, Abby taught herself to play the ukulele. She went on to utilise her new skills during worship, progressing from playing a song or two before the service to being a part of the full team. Abby also joins the ukulele worship group in visiting the care home next door to the church to entertain its residents.

“Surprised” was how Abby felt when told she had won the award.

When asked what advice she would give another young person considering being involved in the life of the church, Abby said: “Just do it, there are no requirements or experience needed, people my age are put off by it being old fashioned, but we are trying to make it more inclusive and for all ages.”

Nominated by Barbara Cassidy, Pilot Captain at Brockworth Free Church URC, Sebastian is described as a “fine example of what being a Pilot is all about”.

“With his caring nature, Sebastian showed what can be achieved by his wonderful thoughtfulness for others in raising funds to take those less fortunate families on our Pilot 65th Anniversary trip,” added Barbara. “We’re so proud of him.”

Pilots, which meets for roughly two hours each week at the church, is attended by a mixture of young people aged five to 18, who are split between Deckhands, Adventurers (which Seb belongs to), Voyagers and Navigators. The sessions revolve around a Bible story explored through games, crafts, discussion and, of course, food.

Sebastian, who has been an active member for some time, wanted to think of something he could do to thank the leaders for all they do and to provide a treat for the families of those who attend; many of whom are facing challenges with the cost of living. After some deliberation, he decided a trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park would be ideal.

To fund the trip Sebastian and some friends, who he inspired to help, organised a tabletop sale held in his garden and raised £250 in the process.

The funds raised helped pay for 13 families came to visit the wildlife park. In total, 56 attended and everyone is said to have had a fantastic time.

Upon learning of his nomination, Sebastian said he was amazed and felt very proud of himself.

When asked what advice he would give another young person considering being involved in the life of the church he said: “Do it in the way that suits you and your life best.”

Each Lundie recipient receives £100 to use in the life of the church, Abby is considering splitting it between the purchase of some youth Bibles and some resources and activities for a community event the church is hoping to run later in the year. Sebastian is hoping to donate the money to donate the money to a charity which helps support children with life limiting disabilities.

Learn more about the Lundie Memorial Award.


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