Meet Beth

Hello! I’m Beth, and I will be one of the JPIT/House of Commons Interns for this year.

I’m from Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. I have moved to London in the last couple of weeks to start working for JPIT. I love the outdoors and getting to explore new places, so I am excited to get to do that again now that things are opening up! I really enjoy singing and leading worship in my local church, and I love playing games and reading too.

I have always deeply cared about justice and been moved and distressed by stories of injustice in the UK and around the world. However, I have often not known what I can do to stand up against injustice and let my voice be heard. That is a big reason why I applied to work for JPIT. I want to learn how we, as Christians, can together unite our voices for change in the name of Jesus.

I love the local church, and how together we can play an active role in bringing hope to our communities. Whilst at university I moved into a missional community where we sought to get to know our neighbours, understand the challenges they faced and share with them about Jesus. This experience taught me so much, from the joy of getting to know my community and build lasting friendships to the struggles of working families trying to make ends meet. It showed me how policy changes really do affect people’s lives and how political shifts often affects those who have the least the most. Political decisions really do matter.

I became even more convinced of this when I spent some time working for Christians Against Poverty (CAP). I saw how they use their voice and expertise to call for fairer debt solutions and a better system, so that people can avoid falling into debt in the first place. This taught me that we, as Christians, do have a voice and can affect positive change when we unite together and speak up together for a fairer and more just society.

I’m delighted to be joining JPIT as one of the JPIT/House of Commons interns for this year. I hope to continue to learn how we, as followers of Jesus, can ‘work for peace and justice’.


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