Postponement of the Glasgow Climate Summit

We understand the need to postpone the Glasgow COP26 Climate Summit to 2021.  It is right that, at this time, governments around the world concentrate on tackling COVID-19. 

COVID-19 is a huge global emergency, and rightly requires a global response.  But the emergency of the climate crisis is no less diminished. We still need to build further on some recent positive momentum to move towards more sustainable economies. COP26 is a vital milestone in this effort.  It provides the key moment for nations across the globe to increase commitments made in Paris in 2015. This must remain a priority.

The City of Glasgow has a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030 and its actions and planning to achieve this provides an inspiration to those coming to COP26. Our churches look forward to contributing to the hosting of tens of thousands of visitors by providing prayer, worship and discussion events across the city. 

In setting about to repair the economic damage done by COVID-19, we call on governments to look afresh at their plans to develop sustainable economies and to make unprecedented commitments to the achievement of net zero emissions. It is our hope that the additional time offered by the postponement of COP26 will give governments more opportunities to work together and ensure that all voices are represented in discussions.

Steve Hucklesby, Joint Public Issues Team


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