Reform magazine: June edition

Cover June21This month in Reform, Steven Tomkins talks to Chine McDonald, author of God is Not a White Man, about race and faith.

Are the sexes equal in church is a question answered by four contributors, Nadia Bolz-Weber offers a prayer for resurrection; now is the perfect time for churches to be creating community gardens; Church Related Community Worker Simon Loveitt tells the story of food justice and financial inclusion in Sheffield; and Andy Jackson shares some tips about how to tell what’s false and what’s genuine on email.

Ruth and Naomi’s story of hospitality is the focus of the Chapter & Verse Bible Study; Commitment-Phobe asks ‘Do I want to return to church at all?; Nick Booth enjoys the Church’s LGBT welcome; Sheila Maxey focuses on the edge of things; and Paul Kerensa asks if the subject of Covid should be changed, along with the regular news, letters, Art in focus, film and book reviews.

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The June edition of Reform will be published on 30 May. 

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Published: 26 May 2021

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