The Methodist Conference will meet in an alternative form this year

02 April 2020

The Methodist Council has agreed that the Conference cannot meet as planned in Telford in June and will look at ways for the Conference to meet in an alternative form. The officers of the Conference will bring proposals for the functioning of this alternative meeting to an additional meeting of the Council. 

The restriction on groups meeting has meant that some Synods have not been able to meet and give full consideration to God in Love Unites Us, and the Council therefore also agreed that the debate and voting on the provisional resolutions will be deferred until the 2021 Conference. This also means that any other business (eg memorials) relating to those resolutions will not be considered this year.

We understand that for many people the decision about the Conference may cause uncertainty and worry, but please be assured that we will issue further updates as soon as decisions are made. We will communicate directly with those most affected (eg: ordinands, district reps, and volunteers) as soon as we are able to do so and we shall keep the website updated.  

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