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1 November 2018

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Attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue

The President of the Methodist Conference responds to the attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where eleven people died.

Universal Credit

Following the report on Universal Credit from the Public Accounts Committee, a select committee of the House of Commons, Paul Morrison from the Joint Public Issue Team argues that this is designed to ignore hunger.

Indonesia appeal update

Nearly 1.5 million people were affected by the flood in Indonesia on 28 September. £105,000 has been sent as donations to help with urgent supplies of food, water, shelter and medical treatment. Read stories here of some people affected by the flood.

Digital content officer

A vacancy is available for a Digital Content Officer within the Connexional Team. The role will support the continuing development of the Methodist Church’s websites, social media channels, apps and digital initiatives. Apply before 13 November.

Methodist Prayer Handbook

Submit your prayers to be used in the next Methodist Prayer Handbook. The theme for the 2019/2020 Handbook is ‘responding to the gospel’, inspired by Our Calling. Email your prayers here and read submission guidelines here.

Remembrance 100

To commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I, you can get involved in 100 days of prayer for peace, hope and reconciliation. Engage in innovative peacemaking activities and look for the #remembrance100 hashtag on social media.

Secretary of the Forces Board

A vacancy is available for a Methodist presbyter to serve as the Secretary of the Forces Board. The job entails the oversight of the provision of Methodist chaplaincies in all three Armed Forces. 

Build Sound Minds

Action for Children has launched a campaign, Build Sound Minds, to improve young people’s well-being. They offer advice to parents on how to support the mental health of their children and themselves.

Online book auction

Alsager Book Emporium, part of Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum, are hosting an online auction on
1 December featuring theology, worship and historical Methodist books. Bidding ends on 30 November. Download the catalogue here.

West London Mission

West London Mission supports homeless people every day, providing services at Seymour Place. They ask for donations to refurbish the building to support gambling addicts, facilitate women’s groups and tackle unemployment.

On the radio

Free Thinking

BBC Radio 3, 10.00pm

Thursday 1 November

Matthew Sweet talks to New Generation Thinker Dafydd Daniel about the study of memory and neuroscience.

Archive on 4: Making Obama

BBC Radio 4, 8.00pm

Saturday 3 November

Reporter Jenn White analyses Barack Obama’s rise to power, charting his climb from community leader in Chicago to the start of the long road to the presidency of the United State.

Private Passions

BBC Radio 3, 12.00pm

Sunday 4 November

Michael Berkeley and Professor Anil Seth explore the concept of free will, why music evokes such strong memories and how meditation changes the structure of the brain.



BBC Two, 9.00pm

Thursday 1 November

Dr Hannah Fry explores how AI is starting to transform healthcare beyond recognition, asking whether machines could ever replace doctors.

Maid in hell: Why slavery?

BBC Two, 10.00pm

Sunday 4 November

Documentary exploring the personal stories of migrant women working as maids in the Middle East. These women are legally bound to their employers under a system known as Kafala, and often trapped and abused.

WWI: The last Tommies

BBC Four, 9.00pm

Monday 5 November

Veterans of the First World War recall their experiences, with archive footage used to illustrate events, beginning with the first two years of the war in 1914 and 1915.

Video Thursday: MWRC annual lecture

This week’s film features the Manchester Wesley Research Centre (MWRC) annual lecture. Professor Ulrike Schuler speaks on ‘Re-formation: Liberty in a Wesleyan Spirit and Praxis’.


In the coming week, the 2018/2019 Methodist Prayer Handbook, A World Transformed, encourages us to pray with Christians in Asia, the Pacific and Europe, as well as Britain and Ireland. The theme for next week’s A Word in Time Bible studies is ‘Healing and Wholeness’. Order your Prayer Handbook here.


You can find the UK parliamentary business online here. If you want to find out about the Scottish Parliamentary calendar, click here and the timetable for the National Assembly for Wales, click here.

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