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February 2018
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 Issue 173
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The Buzz is a great resource that brings the whole Methodist Church in Britain together by sharing good news from across the Connexion. The stories below illustrate different ways in which the Church is working out the four aspects of Our Calling and living out discipleship shaped for mission.


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WORSHIP – Finding joy through memory worship

Wesley Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea

A new ministry has been set up for those with dementia and their carers. Memory Worship, at Wesley Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, can be a channel for recalling the past, creating feelings for comfort, familiarity and spiritual fulfilment.


Anyone can attend who wishes to approach and praise God and feel His caring presence together. Music is an important key to memory and a familiar constant in Memory Worship.


The monthly programme, designed around the Christian festivals, uses a consistent and informed group of community volunteers and covers topics such as ‘In God we praise’, ‘In God we find joy’ and ‘In God we celebrate’.


Craft and music are important parts of the event: creative skills can be retained and even new ones learned by people living with dementia. The worship also provides a free and safe opportunity for carers to share experiences.


The Revd Julia Monaghan said: “At Memory Worship we believe in a God who accepts us and meets us where we are today.”


Email: Julie Peek




Ruislip Manor Methodist Church

A Dalek and Davros landed at Ruislip Manor Methodist Church as a reminder that people’s hobbies and interests can be appropriately and usefully related to the Christian message.


Devoid of emotion and simply programed to rule the universe, the Daleks’ ruthlessness was contrasted with the compassion of God.


The villains were accompanied to the church by Simon-Peter Bowling – commonly known as SP – a member of Hyde Fundraisers who create replica popular sci-fi characters to raise funds for charities.


This was the first time that the Dr Who villains were used in a service but Mr Bowling readily agreed to share them in the service.


The Revd Roger Dunlop said: “Dr Who is such a cultural icon, it was too good an opportunity to miss for drawing out preaching themes from the TV programme both for the children’s talk and for the Covenant Sunday sermon. Fortunately, nobody was exterminated but a number of members recalled hiding behind the settee in their childhoods!”



Email: The Revd Roger Dunlop




EVANGELISM – Song and Sing
Whitchurch Methodist Church

Another successful Come and Sing took place at Whitchurch Methodist Church in Cardiff in February.


More than 120 singers joined Ben Pinnow as the musical director, Ben Teague as the organist with the St Woolos Synfonia in rehearsing and presenting the Coronation Anthem, Zadoc the Priest by G. H. Handel and the Gloria in D by A Vivaldi.


The guest soloists for the day were Sarah Jane Griffiths, soprano and Matthew Farrell, counter tenor. After almost four hours of rehearsal and a very enjoyable afternoon tea, the performance was attended by a large appreciative audience. The church was again filled to capacity for a musical event that it hopes will be repeated in the future.


The popularity of the Come and Sing events is growing rapidly and each one welcomes all singers of any ability to come along for a very enjoyable day and the opportunity to sing with a large choir.


Email: Eric Nash


SERVICE – The Haven Project running for the homeless

St. John’s Methodist Church, Whitstable

The Haven Project offers simple help and kindness to people sleeping rough in the town. People can receive a warm dry place to be, with hot drinks, snacks, a laundry and showers.


In Whitstable, a number of people have nowhere to call their own to sleep at night. They rely on finding shelter where they can: a friend’s sofa, under a fire escape, in a disused garage, next to a beach hut. Other people are just a step away from this desperate situation: they suffer abuse for the sake of a place to stay.


The project is run by Churches Together and receives help from other charities. Porchlight offers advice and support on housing. Food Bank offers guests food and toiletries to take with them for the next few days. Soup Cellar at The Whitstable Umbrella Centre serves a hot midday meal before service users get to St John’s Methodist Church.


Haven Coordinator Roy Holland said: “Thanks to generous gifts we can offer spare clothes for keeping clean and warm and sleeping bags and rucksacks to help with sleeping rough.”


The Haven Project is open every Wednesday from 2pm-4pm at St John’s Methodist Church Hall on Argyle Road.


Email: Roy Hollands



280 years ago, John Wesley wrote about his heart being strangely warmed. These additional Buzz stories focus on “the change which God works in the heart through faith in Christ.”

#HEARTWARMED – New work of art
The New Room, Bristol

There is a new work of art in development for the new Heritage Lottery-funded visitor centre at the New Room in Bristol which opened in the summer of 2017.

Destined to be inset over the entrance door leading from The Horsefair into the centre, the window will take the form of a triptych – a three-panel work of art – which will illustrate the remarkable lives of John and Charles Wesley.

The window has been created by artist Andrew Taylor, a Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters, who has been working with stained glass for 25 years and has been responsible for the design and installation of more than 60 new church windows.

Methodist historian and volunteer Warden of the New Room Gary Best said: “We have an important story to tell and our new window will provide not just a beautiful and eye-catching focus for the atrium of our new visitor centre but a vivid way of showing why the story of John and Charles Wesley is still so important today.”

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