URC launches new podcast

The United Reformed Church (URC) has launched a new fortnightly podcast, that explores the denomination’s focus on Christian discipleship, mission and what it means to be Walking the Way of Jesus today.

The podcast will explore what it means to be a disciple across all aspects of our lives, as we respond to the concerns, issues and topics that we encounter.

New episodes will be published every other Wednesday.

Simon Peters, Walking the Way Project Manager, said: “As followers of Jesus, we need to help each other figure out what it means to truly see and serve God through everything around us. This podcast will share different voices and perspectives on what this means as we explore the big questions and issues life throws at us.”

In the first series, topics to be discussed include climate justice, Christians at work, coronavirus a year on, Walking the Way, money, and racism.

Francis Brienen, URC Deputy General Secretary (Mission), added: “This podcast series takes a fresh look at everyday discipleship and connects it with the issues of today. It is accessible, engaging and it will make you think….and act! Don’t miss it.”

The podcast is available on Anchor and Spotify. Listen here.

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