World Refugee Day 2020: Prayer

God of Hope,

We worship you as the God of those in exile,
to whom you hold out the hope of finding peace and security.

We pray for those on a journey away from their homes.
For sisters and brothers on the move who are fearful and hungry and tired,
For those in camps, facing the dangers of COVID-19 without a safe place to isolate.
For those separated from loved ones, holding on to the hope of reunion.
For all at risk of exploitation and trafficking.

We pray for those on the journey of seeking asylum in the UK.
For sisters and brothers struggling to make ends meet with little support.
For those in lockdown, forced to relive the traumas of past experiences.
For those hoping for a better future for themselves, their loved ones and the country they call home,
For all waiting for good news.

Be with everyone on a journey, God of Hope,
And give us the wisdom and perseverance to keep travelling towards your kingdom of peace for all people.



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