A letter to the Young Christian Climate Network

27 August 2021

As requested by the Methodist Conference ,the President and Vice-President have written the following letter to the members of the Young Christian Climate Network, and everyone taking part in the Relay to COP26

We are writing on behalf of the Methodist Church in Britain. The Conference of the Methodist Church meeting on 24 June to 1 July 2021 has requested that we write to you to send you our greetings and best wishes, as you carry out your Relay to COP26.

Members across the Methodist Church in Britain have been inspired by your commitment, creativity and generosity. The Relay to COP26 is a significant undertaking, and we want to congratulate everyone who has played a part in organising, coordinating and walking in the Relay.

Your endeavour has continued to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis. No longer a future threat but a present reality, the climate crisis demands the best use of our time, resources and faith that we can offer. We thank you for the symbol the relay offers to remind communities of faith, and otherwise, across the UK of this vital message.

But the Relay has also been a symbol of hope. To see an intergenerational endeavour, pioneered and driven by young people, is inspiring for so many within the church. Particularly when young people have so much to lose in the face of the climate crisis, to take action which is empowering and hopeful rather than fearful is an act of faith. We commend the prophetic leadership you are offering to our community, and pray that we might be courageous enough to follow your lead.

We will continue to pray for your safety, energy and resource as you journey to Glasgow, physically and as you support one another. We hope that the legacy that the Relay to COP26 leaves behind will play a significant role in creating change, that all of God’s creation might flourish.

Yours sincerely

Revd Sonia Hicks 
President of the Methodist Conference 2021/2022

Mrs Barbara Easton
Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2021/2022

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